eerad3 is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


The program EERAD3 computes the QCD contributions to event shapes and jet rates in electron-positron annihilation at parton level to order alpha_s^3. For three-jet production and related observables, this corresponds to NNLO corrections.

The user can define cuts and choose the observables to be computed via an input card.
The output is given in the form of histogram data.


Version 1.0 of the program can be downloaded as eerad3-1.0.tar.gz.

The input files as well as examples can also be downloaded separately:
examples and reference results

Installation and usage are described in arXiv:1402.4140 .

Documentation and Literature

The program is based on the formalism described in JHEP 0711 (2007) 058 [arXiv:0710.0346],
which uses antenna subtraction following JHEP 0509 (2005) 056 [arXiv:hep-ph/0505111].

Results for event shapes, jet rates and moments produced with the program can be found e.g. in
JHEP 0712 (2007) 094 [arXiv:0711.4711] (event shapes)
Phys.Rev.Lett. 100 (2008) 172001 [arXiv:0802.0813] (jet rates)
JHEP 0905 (2009) 106 [arXiv:0903.4658] (moments).

The current members of the EERAD3 project are

  • Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder <>
  • Thomas Gehrmann <>
  • Nigel Glover <e.w.n.glover@>
  • Gudrun Heinrich <>

Please send comments and questions about the program to